Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cooler Weather

After a summer of very hot weather, with temperatures between 32-36 Celsius (mid to upper 90's Fahrenheit) with high humidity (typically 70-80%), we finally get a break. The temperature right now is about 31 Celsius (or 88 Fahrenheit) and 68% humidity. It feels incredible! What a blessing :)

Now, I was thinking about the times in our lives that are burning hot with not only temptations, but trials as well. As the enemy shoots his fiery darts (Ephesians 6:16), he often sets our lives ablaze. We get consumed by pains and troubles, we pray for holy rain to extinguish the fires, temptations fly at us with inconceivable speed, our only thoughts are "when will this end" and "why me?" We forget that our thoughts should be "when this ends, I'll be walking peacefully with Jesus" and "I'm blessed to suffer with Christ and thus be rewarded with paradise just as Christ has been rewarded (Romans 8:17)." The main point being we shouldn't worry about when it will end but instead we should hope for that which comes after it ends! Because it will end, it's just a matter of time. That time is simply the rest of your life on this earth. Then time ends and eternity begins. Eternity that, for the believer, will be spent with Christ in His eternal glory and paradise. No heat, no pain, no suffering, no sorrow, no mourning, no hate, no death. Just love, life, comfort, peace, joy, happiness, and eternal life with Jesus Christ, our Saviour!
We will suffer our whole human lives, but there are also times of refreshing and renewing. Just as the weather has cooled down for the time being, trials and the fires of Hell will cease to attack so viciously for seasons. God knows that we can't survive without rest, therefore He is our rest (Psalm 16:9; 23; 62; Jeremiah 31:2; etc.) Just as God rested from His work, He also commands us to rest from ours (Genesis 2:2-3.) Without one day a week off, we become weary and cannot work for the Lord. So as we fight the enemy, as our war goes on, we become weary and restless. Therefore God gives us rest during our lifetime war just as He did for Joshua: "Then the land had rest from war" (11:23).
So, we will have trouble in this life, but take heart! Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33)!
Be at peace, Christian, for your pain and sufferings are short-lived. You can rest in His presence here and now, be comforted by His Spirit, live in His love! But woe to you, un-believer, for your pain and sufferings are not only in this world, but in the eternity to come! Believe and repent, be forgiven and find rest.
Isaiah 42:12

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