Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Current Events

Well, I am officially staying here in Okinawa. Until December 8th, at least. I was asked to stay for the fall semester of Bible college. So, I stepped out in faith (knowing I had absolutely no funds) and talked to my parents about it. We prayed and all agreed that if it was God's will I should definitely do it! So, we worked on getting funds from churches and other donors and the finances are provided for now. We got my ticket changed and bought another one. I will be going back to Melbourne for about ten days on October 4th, for Rebecca's wedding. Then I will return here on the 14th and finish the semester.

Also, I have a new name: Kentaro. It's my Japanese name. Just thought you should know ;)

Anywho... So, yeah, I'm staying! Pray for me!

I'm praying for you guys daily, I miss you guys and am excited to see y'all in October.

God bless,

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